Producer Registration

NETC 2018 Theatre Auditions
Producer Registration Form

Simple Instructions:

  • This form has four (4) parts, please read carefully and fill in all applicable fields.
  • Part (1): Fill in your contact information. Include your email and phone number so that NETC can contact you if there are any questions about your registration.
  • Part (2): Indicate what sessions that you will be attending, and what type of auditions and interviews you will be holding.
  • Part (3): Please provide information about your productions, job openings, technical and staff positions, employment conditions and so on.
  • There is a $100.00 Audition Service Fee.
  • You may pay by credit card, see Part (4).
  • You may pay by check or mail in your registration form, see Part (5).
  • All credit card payments are processed manually by NETC.
  • NETC will mail you an acknowledgment and receipt to the address that you specify in Part (4).


(1) Enter Your Contact Information

Theatre Name:
(Producing Company or Organization)
City: Zip:
Theatre Type:
(summer, year-round, touring, dinner, etc.)
Contact Person:

(2) Sessions, Auditions, Technical/Staff Interviews


Saturday AM: PM:

Sunday AM: PM:

Monday AM: PM:


We will hold callback and interviews for performers at these auditions:

We would like an individual room for callbacks/interviews for: ($75.00 per day)

We would like to rent a YAMAHA PSR 180 61 key electric piano: ($40.00 for the weekend)

Technical/Staff Interviews:

We will interview Technical/Staff applicants on Monday afternoon:


(3) Theatre Information Sheet

Please fill in completeley and accurately. Information will be distributed to all applicants.

Projected 2018 Season

Length and Dates of Season:

(Example: 4 months, June-August 2018)

Length and Dates of Employment:

Productions Planned:

Jobs For Which You Will Be Interviewing

  Male Female Salary, Pay Scale
or other compensation
No. of Actors:
No. of Singers:
No. of Dancers:
Technical/Staff Personnel
(List Individual Positions)
Salary, Pay Scale
or other compensation

Interns and Apprentices

    Salary, Pay Scale or other compensation
No. of Performers:
No. of Technicians:

Please describe the Intern/Apprentice Programs:
(Benefits, EMC offered, cost to applicant, etc.)

Additional Employment Information

Please describe any Conditions of Employment, Special Needs, and so on.

Are you an Equal Opportunity Employer?

Will you have roles or openings for Minorities?


(4) Please Enter Your Payment Information

Audition Service Fee:
Room Rental Fee:
Piano Rental Fee:
Total Cost: (Please pay this amount.)

Please charge my credit/debit card for the Total Cost.

(Exactly as it appears on the card.)

Credit Card #:

Expiration Date (Month/Year):  / 

Supply address where acknowledgment of receipt
and registration should be sent:


(5) Registering By Mail or Paying By Check

Please download and print out the Producer Registration Form.
(For instructions, read Producer Director Information & Procedures.)
Fill out the form and include your credit card information.
If you are paying by check, make your check payable to NETC.
Mail your completed form (and check) to:

New England Theatre Conference Auditions
215 Knob Hill Drive
Hamden, CT 06518

Questions? Call (203) 288-5938